In 1986, when Barcelona is selected for the XXV Olympic games, Mr. Eugenio LLarás, founder of Onix Hotels, believes that the event will expand the city’s tourism and place Barcelona as one of the top destination in the world.

Therefore, Mr. Llarás decides to build an hotel as close as possible to the Olympic Stadium. The Hotel Onix Fira opens its doors in 1991, right next to the Plaza España, a walking distance from Montjuïc where the opening and closing ceremonies are being held. A characteristic of this building is its “L” shape, offering views both on Miro’s sculpture “Dona i Ocell” in the ‘Escorxador’ park, as well as the recently renovated ‘Arenas’ mall center.

As the demand for accomodation continues growing in Barcelona, a second Onix Hotel is built in a more central location this time, allowing our customers to be in the heart of the city. Llarás manages to purshase a unique protected building from the early XIXs century, right on La Rambla Catalunya: the former "Banco Popular". Prior to the bank, during the post-civil war time, the building used to host an illegal casino where tobacco and chocolate were used as a currency.

After five years of hard work (our guests can check out the photos showing the construction in the computer room of the hotel), the Hotel Onix Rambla is inaugurated in 2002. 


A few years later, the Llarás family decides to built a third hotel. If the construction of Rambla was complicated, this one is even more. The location of the new hotel is in the old Raval quarter. The facade, interior patio and stairway are protected as historical monuments, the basement holds roman walls that have to be periodically controlled by the historians of Barcelona, a special team of carpenters rehabilitates the courtyard’s mozarab arches… Onix Liceo opens its doors in 2007, transforming the former districts police headquarters, a bakery and a set of apartments into a fourty five rooms, 4* hotel.

The brand name “Onix” comes after Eugenio Llarás’ dog. Eugenio LLarás had six dogs, and called each one of them Onix!

Each Onix hotel takes on a name that make reference to their location in Barcelona: Fira (door to door with Barcelona’s exhibition center that dates back to 1888 when the Universal Exhibition was first held there), Liceo (at the back door of the Great Theatre of Liceo opened in 1847) and Rambla (on the Rambla de Catalunya, One of the city’s trendiest streets, with many international fashion shops, and lined with lime trees).


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